Track Record

Track Record SPX
Start date1/4/2018
Nbr of trades12Total perfo(pts)316.96Avg perfo(pts)26.41
Nbr of postive trades8Total positive(pts)438.66Avg positive(pts)54.83
Nbr of negative trades4Total negative(pts)-121.70Avg negative(pts)-30.43
% positive trades67%Avg positive/Avg negative1.8

Track Record NDX
Start date1/4/2018
Nbr of trades30Total perfo(pts)73.25Avg perfo(pts)2.44
Nbr of postive trades10Total positive(pts)955.61Avg positive(pts)95.56
Nbr of negative trades20Total negative(pts)-882.36Avg negative(pts)-44.12
% positive trades33%Avg positive/Avg negative2.2

Track Record ESTOXX
Start date1/4/2018
Nbr of trades1Total perfo(pts)-16.37Avg perfo(pts)-16.37
Nbr of postive trades0Total positive(pts)0.00Avg positive(pts)
Nbr of negative trades1Total negative(pts)-16.37Avg negative(pts)-16.37
% positive trades0%Avg positive/Avg negative

Track Record CAC
Start date1/4/2018
Nbr of trades17Total perfo(pts)605.68Avg perfo(pts)35.63
Nbr of postive trades11Total positive(pts)733.05Avg positive(pts)66.64
Nbr of negative trades6Total negative(pts)-127.37Avg negative(pts)-21.23
% positive trades65%Avg positive/Avg negative3.1

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