Equities – Geographical Exposure – EN

In this part, you will be able to find a ‘proxy’ split of the geographical exposure of each company based on their latest annual report. Why is it a proxy? Because companies are not using the same geographical split. So, in some case the situation is pretty easy to compute because you have data for United States, Latin America, Europe, Japan, Emerging Asia … but in some case data are reported in different ways: for example, you can have North America and Rest of the world or, Europe, Middle East & Africa on the same line. So, quiet difficult to estimate the exposure to Europe for this company.
In this context, we had to take some assumptions in order to split revenues on a common basis. So, our results must be read as indicative numbers (proxy numbers) rather than exact data. Nevertheless, we consider those numbers are interesting in order to estimate which companies have a high exposure to Emerging Asia or which companies are at risk if the Eurozone explodes….