Equities Hot Stocks Turnover EN

This part allows you to find stocks that had « unusual turnover » in the 2 latest weeks. What is the turnover? The turnover is the amount of money traded on a specific stock (Price x Volume, positive if stock is going up, negative if stock is going down). So, looking at “unusual turnover” is a good way to monitor stocks which had unusual volumes and/or price change.

You can do your search on:

  • “unusual positive turnover” in order to find buy ideas
  • “unusual negative turnover” in order to find sell ideas
  • “all”


Why is it interesting to have a look at “unusual turnover”?

Because when there are major news for companies (either positive or negative), huge volumes are traded on those stocks and the direction of the move tells you if the news was positive or negative. So, when you monitor “abnormal turnover”, you immediately see stocks which reported major news.